Klaro is an advanced effluent treatment system. 

The Klaro effluent treatment plant is used in both domestic and smaller commercial situations.

Klaro provides an extremely effective, durable and cost effective solution for sewerage treatment. It offers low maintenance, quiet operation and easy installation. It also features extremely flexible operational system designed to save money by adapting treatment to meet changing circumstances with adjusted cycle times. There is also an all important holiday mode switch – for use when people are away for an extended period of time.

Klaro can effectively meet Australian sewerage treatment standards and is fully approved for installation in all areas of Queensland and Australia.

Learn more about the benefits of the Klaro system.

12 Key Benefits of the Klaro Treatment System

  1. The Klaro system operates just 4 cycles per day. It attains 98% cleaning performance within 6 hours of operation.
  2. The Klaro system is available in a range of sizes to suit your application.
  3. The highly treated effluent conforms to government treatment standards.
  4. The Klaro system is trusted worldwide.
  5. Klaro offers a completely biological treatment of sewerage. No chemicals are used in the process.
  6. A unique ultra violet treatment process delivers total disinfection to the unit.
  7. All Klaro systems feature remote monitoring for ease of maintenance.
  8. The Klaro treatment plant is easy to install. All equipment is present within one single container and is pre assembled to save on installation costs. Efficient design ensures both time and money is saved. 
  9. The Klaro container is highly durable. It is made of a combination of quality materials that includes plastic, concrete and fiberglass.
  10. Save on space and retain visual appeal of your garden. The Klaro treatment system is completely located underground.
  11. Operational safety is a core feature of Klaro systems. There are no moving parts and pumping operations utilise a special air lifter.
  12. Klaro is an energy saving operation that incorporates a fine bubble aeration. It can also operate in holiday mode to save money when required.

For a complete Klaro solution, contact Aim Drain. Aim Drain is a certified supplier and installer of the Klaro wastewater treatment plant. Aim Drain is also able to provide ongoing maintenance of the system.

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