For large and small Commercial Wastewater installations we use Klaro, they have been installing commercial waste water installations for more than 15 years in over 50 country’s and are at the pinnacle of the industry. This German designed and engineered system has a reputation unsurpassed in the industry and is known for it’s low energy use and it’s reliability.

The company’s operating principle is “ Maximum Operating Reliability “ and is backed up by a team of German engineers and scientists keeping them at the forefront of the industry. They are also the only company in the industry to provide a Three (3) years warranty on there internal and external components, the tanks having a 15 year warranty. 

There modular poly tank system means no job is to small or to large, being able to cater for projects from 24000 liters to 2000 liters of waste water per day. This modular system means diversability of installation and no huge concrete tanks in positions deemed unsightly by client or users of the system. It also means no large holding tanks required in situations where loading differentials are the norm.The cleansing of the waste water is achieved by SBR or “ Sequential Batch Reactor “ a simplistic method of introducing air into the system at various intervals to promote the growth of bacteria to break down the waste.

Over and above this simplicity they are without doubt the most reliable system on the market and have built in safe guards for under and over load of the system.

This means that the system throttles back when usage is low and throttles up when usage in high, by doing so it also eliminates the smells from dying or multiplying bacteria. This unique design is the only one of it’s kind in the world and provides maximumreliability and cost efficiency. To add to this there are no expensive moving parts in the system which can break or fail. The transfer of all liquids within the system are achieved by venturi air lift operated by a single or bank of compressors depending on size of the system.These compressors are located outside of the tank for easy access in weather proof control box’s. The German built compressors can be monitored remotely and should a problem arise we are informed of it before the client notices anything is wrong and can take the appropriate action.

For these reasons we are proud to have a good working relationship with Klaro and can design, supply, install and maintain the world’s leading commercial waste water units. Visit the Klaro website here.
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