For Domestic Waste Water supply and installations we are proud to be associated with market leaders (Klaro) and (Fuji Clean). The reliability and efficiency of these Two products mean we can offer a Domestic Treatment Plant of unsurpassed quality and design engineering to our clients.

Klaro is a German designed and manufactured
HSTP ( home sewerage treatment plant ). 
Based on SBR ( Sequential Batch Reactor ) technology these treatment plants are Europe’s leading manufacturer. Owned and produced by Graf Germany they have been in the market for over 50 years and have the experience and quality that you would expect from a German product.

The company’s operating principle is “ Maximum Operating Reliability “ and with one of the most simplistic and cost effective methods (SBR) of treatment this principle is achieved. They are the largest injection moulded tanks in the world and come in a range of sizes to suit the clients situation and are of the highest quality. Klaro offers a 15 year warranty on it’s tank and a 3 year warranty on it’s compressors and internal parts.

SBR treatment plants are at the top end of Klaro’s product range, but they also offer a wide range of other products and solutions in the waste water field to meet all of our clients wishes. These include advanced poly septic tanks, filters and pits.

Fuji Clean are a large Japanese waste water company and have been producing HSTP’s for over 50 years. They have produced over 2 million units world wide and produce 40000 HSTP’s a year.

It has low operational costs and is a high quality HSTP that in Japan empty’s it’s effluent directly to the storm water system. With leading edge Japanese technology these units are engineered and designed for minimum running costs and performance longevity.

Fuji Clean are also known for there easy of maintenance and installation. In typical japanese fashion they have proven that less is better. Their treatment plants are smaller than all Australian units yet achieve better results and use less energy. The quality of the effluent produced by there base model ( CE 1500 EX ) is Advanced Secondary and the ( CRX ) has a Nutrient Removal capacity that is often used in water catchment area’s.

The Fuji Clean CRX model is often required by councils should the property be located in an environmentally sensitive area or a Portable Water catchment area. The Fuji Clean tank is Fibre Glass and is produced here in Australia with all internal components coming from Japan. Fuji Clean offer a 15 year warranty on the tank and 2 years on all internals.

Both of these ( HSTP’s ) Home Sewerage Treatment Plants are at the leading edge of the industry. They have a combined history of 100 years and this is evident in the top quality products they both produce. Having to decommission failing concrete treatment plants due to “ Concrete Osmosis “ regularly is one of our lest favorite jobs. That being said both of these manufacturers have a history in the industry double that of any Australian manufacturer and there tanks have stood the test of time. We feel privileged to be associated with these Two company’s that are at the pinnacle of the Waste Water Industry and can assure our client’s that they are investing in a class A product.

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