Design Team

Our design team are here to help from concept to implementation.

With years of experience in waste water management our engineering consultants have the know-how to design the system that best suits our clients needs and their budget. By having two of the worlds biggest and best treatment plant suppliers (Klaro), (Fuji Clean), we can offer a system that has a proven track record.

We perform a complete assessment of the property and then inform the client of the best options. This whole process is worked through with the client to achieve the best possible result both financially and technically. Attention to detail and the client’s wish are priority’s.

Our design Team has a complete understanding of all regulatory requirements and also work closely with council’s to unsure the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

With years of experience in the field no site is “ Difficult “, just another challenge that we look forward to resolving in a professional and affordable fashion. Our Design Team work closely with our clients to ensure years of hassle free operation of the treatment plant that our Tradesman will be maintaining. Should a unforeseen problem ever arise in the future our clients can rest assured that they have the support of a professional team of Waste Water experts.

For these reasons we are proud to have a good working relationship with Klaro and can design, supply, install and maintain the world’s leading commercial waste water units. Visit the Klaro website here.
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