Service, Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated team is here to help with maintaining your Domestic or Commercial waste water treatment plant. Should that be supplying and installing parts to earthworks and engineering advise.  

At Aim all our services are performed by Plumbers with waste water qualifications and years of experience in the industry. We can therefore offer clients advice should this be the case on plumbing issues concerning their treatment plant. 

Documentation is emailed or left behind with the client as to the state of there HSTP ( Home Sewerage Treatment Plant ) or commercial unit, a copy is submitted to council or the Environmental Protection Agency as is required, and a copy is retained in our records for 2 years. This means the client can keep an eye on the health and running costs of the system.   

We currently maintain a variety of Domestic and Commercial treatment plants and should you require your unit checked or serviced feel free to contact us. We can offer a range of services from replacement of an existing unit to the maintenance of the dispersion area for effluent. Our own machinery is available for excavation, trenching and landscaping to ensure smooth running of your treatment plant and surrounds.

To experience a new level of professionalism in the industry feel free to CONTACT OUR OFFICE for an obligation free quote or just some good advice as to what will suit your situation the best.
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