Biolytix Filtration Pods

The biolytix wastewater treatment system is a low power, low maintenance system, designed to be totally environmentally friendly reducing the need for constant servicing. The Biolytix Pod is a wet composer and is basically a filter with the breakdown of solids occuring at the top of the system via worms and bugs. Liquids and fine waste particles filter down through a series of onion bags filled with short pieces of agg pipe, some but not all filled with peat. This configuration of what we call heavy and light bags are divided by two layers of shade cloth and one layer of Geo-tech cloth. A small air pump producing 80 litres of air an hour feeds into the pump well and prevents the system from turning septic.

The simplicity of the Biolytix system is also it’s downfall, as explained above it is a filter and like any filter will need cleaning at some point in time. This goes for vacuum cleaners, air and oil filters on cars and alike. The amount of effluent loading going into the system, especially liquid loading will dictate when a rebuild is required.

Having had a long relationship with Biolytix we can honestly say we are aware of their strong and weak points and advise our clients accordingly. As earlier stated all filters at some stage need cleaning or replacing. We don’t recommend the replacement of a Biolytix filter unless the loading is more than the system can handle, this can easily be calculated.

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